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Welcome to The COMSAT Legacy Project Research Resources.

Over time, this page will expand to provide more and more resources as they become available.

COMSAT Technical Reviews: COMSAT Technical Review Page
COMSAT Magazine: COMSAT Magazine
COMSAT News & Pathways: COMSAT News
COMSAT Laboratories Annual Reports/Review: COMSAT Labs Review
COMSAT Oral Histories: COMSAT Oral History Page
COMSAT at 10: COMSAT at 10
COMSAT at 15: COMSAT at 15
Live Via Satellite (manuscript): COMSAT at 25
Live Via Satellite (publication)pp 0-93: COMSAT at 25
Live Via Satellite (publication)pp 94-end: COMSAT at 25
COMSAT Videos: COMSAT Videos

Joseph V. Charyk papers at George Washington University: Joseph V. Charyk papers at George Washington University

COMSAT Collection at Johns Hopkins: COMSAT Collection at Johns Hopkins

COMSAT Collection at Johns Hopkins(New): COMSAT Collection at Johns Hopkins

Confessions of a Technocrat: Confessions of a Technocrat by John McLucas

COMSAT Laboratories Building: COMSAT Laboratories Building

The COMSAT Legacy Project is a COMARA organization formed for the single purpose of preserving the history and accomplishments of the COMSAT corporation for posterity.  All comments, suggestions and offers of assistance will be most welcome.  Please contact me.

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